Reply to Scepchick

A blogger called Rebecca Watson wrote a shameful and childishly defamatory slur against JK Rowling before I’d written my piece against Jamie Raines’ and Shaba’s attempted rebuttal of JKRs protest against the Scottish government’s plan to introduce gender self id. I tried to comment Watson’s article/video here:
but the comment was blocked so here it is instead.

Some pretty serious projective identification going on here. No “sceptic” using infantile defamation like “bigoted fuckface” can be expected to be taken seriously. But yeah – two and a half years have gone by, much water has flowed under, the Scientific American article has been punched full of holes, and the tide is turning. People are beginning to see this ideology for what it is. A colossal pseudo intellectual sham with totalitarian ambitions, backed up by dirty capitalist big pharma money. I’d be curious to know if the author of this garbage has in the meanwhile learned to express herself in a more genteel and nuanced vernacular, and has actually tried listening to some of the legitimate objections to the more extreme of trans “rights” activists demands, and has understood that women are getting raped in women’s jails because of this ideology. Just to mention one of the array of hideous consequences the doolally sychophantic “liberal” sellout to the activist agenda has had.
Thank goodness for women of stature and integrity like JKR and women scientists standing head and shoulders above the excuse-for-science-goop producers such as our writer here. Women such as Carole Hooven.For some real science on sex try:
p.s. Forstater was ultimately vindicated in the appeal tribunal as I’m sure you know. the judgment being that her beliefs were after all “worthy of respect in a democratic society, not incompatible with human dignity and not in conflict with the fundamental rights of others”. As was “the belief that sex is immutable is and binary” in a society where the the vast majority hold this to be plain self evident fact.

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